by Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba

*Protests against foreign nationals are not a cure for joblessness and crime*

I am deeply concerned to hear reports of xenophobic attacks and planned protests which aim to target foreign nationals residing within communities across Gauteng.

I would like to state outright that I condemn xenophobia and my administration will do everything in its power to prevent any outburst of xenophobic violence in our city.

There is no place for xenophobia in the City of Johannesburg.

This is a city built by and made up of migrants from all over the world. We are the pride of our country and continent and we cannot allow for foreign nationals to be scapegoated for the failures of previous administrations to fulfil its promises.

There are many people who out of desperation due to political, social and economic instability in their countries are seeking a better life in South Africa. It is essential that national government cleans up its act and ensures that there is quick and efficient processing of asylum seekers and refugees.

This would protect those who wish to legitimately enter our country from criminal elements, including slum lords and drug traffickers, who abuse their desperation and are able to evade the law.

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