IT has become necessary for the African Diaspora Forum to once again clarify the position of Mr Vusi Sibanda after the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, this week described him as an alleged fraudster on national television.

In a debate on the Morning Live Show on SABC2 this week on the recently enacted regulations affecting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, Dr Motsoaledi claimed Sibanda fraudulently obtained a South African ID document several years ago.

He said fraudulently obtained official documents were a “serious matter” as they “undermined the sovereignty” of the country.

The ADF, an umbrella body representing 34 affiliated community organisations, hereby once again distances itself from Sibanda who has been masquerading as the organisation’s chairperson.

We would like to reiterate to the media, the South African authorities, the donor community, members of the migrant community and the South African community in general that Sibanda does not represent the ADF, let alone lead it. The ADF executive is led by Dr Abdul Elgoni as its Chairperson. We are in the process of stopping Sibanda from using the ADF name while charging migrants for “representing them” and getting “donations” from the community using ADF’s name, thereby bringing into disrepute the good name of the ADF.

To further confuse people, Sibanda also operates under the name of the African Diaspora Global Network while at the same time using the ADF’s logo, name in social media networks.

Sibanda was elected as interim chairperson of the ADF in November 2018. On May 18 2019 he was ousted at a special general meeting attended by 33 country representatives because of his misconduct and maladministration (see attached statement).

The ADF distances itself from any commitments made by Sibanda and does not recognise any contracts or dealings entered into by him.

Yours sincerely

Abdeslam Ahmed Habiballah
Deputy Chairperson
African Diaspora Forum
Media inquiries: Please contact Amir Sheik 0739799479