The African Diaspora Forum (ADF); Civil society organisations; churches; trade unions etc… would like to invite everyone of the general public to participate in a march against the ongoing inhuman acts of slave trade and human trafficking in Libya.

We believe that it is in the interest of every noble human being to abhor the archaic and barbaric behaviour being exuded by the slave traders and buyers, who are obviously using their financial muscles to abuse fellow human beings in this degrading manner.

Details for the march, which seeks to put pressure on African governments and the international community to act on this ungodly and outdated act of cruelty are as follows:

Date: 12 December 2017
Time: 10h00 to 14h00
Route: From Church Square to Union Buildings (Pretoria)

A memorandum to be submitted to the following bodies:

  1. The Presidency of South Africa
  2. Libyan Embassy to South Africa
  3. African Union
  4. Pan-African Parliament
  5. United Nations

Your presence and support of this noble cause would be highly appreciated as we know that you are among the custodians of humanity.

For more details please contact the following community leaders:

  • Mr. Marc Gbaffou (African Diaspora Forum): 0835147367
  • Mr. Tamiru (Ethiopian Community): 0742976205
  • Mr. Adetola Olubajo (Nigerian Union): 0748445042
  • Mr. Milton Taka (Cameroon community): 0826013225
  • Mr. Shukri Dies (Somali Association of South Africa): 0610066366
  • Mr. Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena (Zimbabwean Community): 0833401000
  • Mr. Dominic Chipwayira( Malawian Community): 0743259947
  • Chief Opa Jibro (Oromo people): 0619225533
  • Mr. Coulibaly Namogo ( Ivorian Community): 0785629601
  • Dr. Julianne Kanku Katombe (Congolese Community): 0651261508