Gabriel HertisIt is with sadness that we woke up to the devastating news about the sudden passing on of one of our own – Gabriel Hertis. Not to undermine the efforts of any among us, Gabriel was one of the very few ADF leaders whose fear of God, love for humanity, dedication to ADF and service to migrants was unquestioned and one would be forgiven to believe that he took the fatal breath that claimed his life while providing a service to the less fortunate.

It is with much sadness that we have lost such a pillar who helped hold this organisation intact even in the most trying of times. More worrying is that he leaves behind an organisation he so much loved and served at a time when it is torn apart by internal fissures over positions – the power struggles that I once spoke about in our workshop.

If anything the passing on of our leader should throw us all into self-introspection on how we would like to honour this gallant son of both the ADF and Africa; do we want to continue haggling over useless positions, destroy the ADF and throw Gabriel’s sacrifices down the drain?  Do we want him to be remembered as one who sacrificed his life, feeding poor migrants in the Covid-ravaged environment under the auspices of an organisation which will eventually be sacrificed on the altar of haggling positions? Do we continue to put self, ego and personal glory ahead of principle, organisational unity and the ideology behind ADF? Is that what Gabriel’s life was worth to us as ADF members? Or do we want to honour this soldier by finding one another, uniting among ourselves and continuing to serve our constituencies as a befitting tribute to this hero of ours?

Whatever we choose, we must not forget that God will be the final judge. I sincerely pray that we all find time to self-introspect, reflect and decide with sober minds.

May Gabriel’s departed soul find eternal rest.

The sun has set on an amazing life.

Kindest Regards

Mxolisi Ncube